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Benefiting Morris Animal Foundation

K9 Cancer Walk

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PetSafe 2013 K9 Cancer Walk Benefiting Morris Animal Foundation

UT College of Veterinary Medicine

On Sunday, September 22, UTCVM faculty, staff, students, friends and supporters will be walking in support of the PetSafe K9 Cancer Walk to benefit the Morris Animal Foundation’s work in animal cancer clinical research. Our Team UTCVM” co-captains for 2013 are oncologists Drs. Sara Frazier, Olya Smrkovski and Nathan Lee!   Come and meet them!

This year at The Cove, the UT College of Veterinary Medicine will feature its Oncology, Nutrition and Emergency and Critical Care services along with our popular Companion Animal Initiative in TN (CAIT) public service program focused on spay/neuter, shelter medicine and animal laws issues.  Our outstanding Veterinary Social Work program will be featured at the Morris Animal Foundation booth.  We invite you to stop by and visit and learn with us. There will be lots of information and giveaways!

We hope you’ll join in the fun this year as a member of “Team UTCVM” while supporting the important cancer research MAF funds across the nation in support of companion animal health.  You, your family members and friends, including dog(s), are all invited.  It’s a fun family event!

Numerous UTCVM faculty members have benefitted from MAF grants in support of their clinical cancer research.  UTCVM does cancer research at all levels – basic, translational, and clinical and provides the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options (and all in one location) for our cancer patients here in our Veterinary Medical Center.  The college, based on our oncology research focus, holds membership in the National Cancer Consortium.  In matters cancer, UTCVM is all about discovery and treatment.

Please sign up today to make “Team UTCVM” the biggest and best!  We want a BIG ORANGE presence on the day of the event.   Anyone who registers will receive a free T-shirt for the walk.  After you register, email your T-shirt size to Stephanie Denton smiller1@utk.edu

Can’t join us for the walk?  Do join us as a virtual ‘TEAM UTCVM member (see the registration form for this option) and


UT College of Veterinary Medicine Raised
UTCVM $80.00
aburns14 $30.00
amyjoy $35.00
Anonymous $30.00
anonymous $15.00
Anonymus $30.00
atvrj3 $30.00
ATVRJ3210 $30.00
Brittany N $30.00
Deanna $80.00
Emmie $30.00
Frances $30.00
Hevans $30.00
kditulio $30.00
Michelle $30.00
MiraHawks $550.00
MiraHawks $30.00
Mr. Martini $150.00
Sam $30.00
Sarah $30.00
shautau $35.00
Simon $35.00
Snoopy $30.00
Julie Albright $30.00
Robert Barnett $35.00
Joseph Bartges $30.00
Meagan Batey $30.00
Brenda Baxter $55.00
pam boyer $30.00
Kelley Brown $30.00
Jenny Bryant $30.00
Katherine Byrd $50.00
Claire Cannon $100.00
Sherri Cannon $30.00
Theresa Cannon $30.00
Bridgit Carpenter $30.00
Maria Cekanova $30.00
Rick Chetney $30.00
Jean Clemmons $35.00
Linden Craig $35.00
Charlie Denovo $20.00
Jamie Denovo $35.00
Nancy Denovo $35.00
Robert Denovo $35.00
Robert Denovo $35.00
Braum Denton $30.00
Stephanie Denton $30.00
Brandy Doggett $30.00
Allison Erkman $30.00
Brolin Evans $35.00
Leah Evans $35.00
T' Fisher $30.00
Dona Foerster $35.00
Susanne Foxx $50.00
Katie Frana $30.00
Kelsey France $30.00
Craig Frazier $30.00
Sara Frazier $70.00
Julia Gause $165.00
Matt Goldstein $30.00
Jacob Grant $35.00
Kathryn Grant $35.00
Matthew Griffin $50.00
Mary Hall $30.00
Sandra Harbison $30.00
Dawn Hawkersmith $30.00
Nathanael Hilzinger $30.00
Amy Holford $30.00
Brad Jennings $30.00
Jeanne Larson $120.00
Diane Lee $35.00
Nathan Lee $35.00
Alfred Legendre $65.00
Carol Legendre $30.00
Tiffany Makowski $30.00
Scott Martin $65.00
Jonathan Marvin $100.00
Zenithson Ng $30.00
Michelle Nobrega-Lee $35.00
Jaime Norris $30.00
Linda Noyes $30.00
Kellen O'Connor $30.00
Rebecca O'Connor $30.00
Brittany Palmer $35.00
Jamie Pawlik $30.00
Teresa Payne $30.00
Raelyn Pirtle $30.00
Brianna Potter $35.00
Amanda Rainey $30.00
Ashley Randles $30.00
Kusum Rathore $30.00
Alex Rector $30.00
Kathy Rector $30.00
Kayla Reger $30.00
Jessica Rogers $30.00
Charity Sanders $35.00
Ashley Schenk $30.00
Samantha Schraith $210.00
Austin Seal $35.00
Olya Smrkovski $65.00
Britney Stearns $30.00
Howard Taylor $30.00
Alicia Thomas $130.00
Hannah Thurman $30.00
Karen Tobias $35.00
Laura Walker $30.00
Cassandra Wilcox $35.00
Kathy Williams $35.00
Michele Wilson $30.00
Jackie Young $30.00
Team Gifts $590.00
Denotes a Team Captain